M A T T H E W   S H E E R A N

C O M P O S E R,   A R R A N G E R   A N D   O R C H E S T R A T O R



Matthew Sheeran has joined SMARising Talent as a young, talented composer, proficient and exciting in many musical genres. Classically trained, he has a broad and in-depth knowledge and wide interest in music from around the world as well as various popular genres.


Matthew plays violin and viola, and studied for a degree in music at the University of Sussex before gaining a Masters in composition from King’s College, London. In 2010 he won the Presteigne Festival Competition for British Composers under 35, as well as the Chairman of the Jury award at the Shipley Arts Festival.


Recent commercial projects include an ongoing series of adverts for Triodos Bank and a film about conservation of the Brazilian rainforest, narrated by Michael Palin.  In late 2015 scored the romantic feature film, With Love from Suffolk


Matthew  has a strong interest in music theory and can compose in many historical and contemporary styles and genres.  He enjoys the challenge of fusing music with image and expressing the full range of human emotions.


He is hard-working, driven, thoroughly amiable and determined to achieve great success in film scoring and orchestration.


Matthew is represented by SMARising Talent Ltd.  You can listen to examples of his music on Soundcloud: