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With Love From Suffolk Premiere at the Riverside Cinema

By Matthew Sheeran, Mar 13 2016 12:36PM

FILM Suffolk is producing a crowd-funded feature film comprised of eight funny and heart-warming tales, all set in Suffolk. From the support of the county, local businesses and a creative team of Directors, Producers, Actors and Crew With Love From... Suffolk will premiere at the Riverside Cinema, Woodbridge on Monday 15th February from 7pm.

With Love From... Suffolk is a feature film of 8 short romantic tales. Set entirely within Suffolk, it is not just a funny and tender exploration of relationships – it’s also a love letter to our magnificent county.

In the vein of romantic, multi-stranded films such as Love Actually and New York, Love You, we want to engage and entertain our audience, evoking laughter, drama and romance, with a life-affirming message overall.

The 8 stories include storylines of:

• A Southwold resident is torn between a beautiful jogger and his canine best pal.

• Sprightly 60-somethings face a tricky third date.

• An enigmatic Pakistani woman sings at an open mike night.

• A jack-the-lad gets taught a lesson on a romantic walk through Ipswich.

• A sailboarder rethinks his life after meeting an eccentric young lad at the beach.

• A shy florist’s life is turned upside down by an unexpected compliment.

• A veteran sailor parts from his beloved yacht.

• A football-mad teenager falls for his teammate.

Matthew composed the soundtrack for the film.

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